Silver Daddies   
                is back !!!
While you enjoy the slideshow I will tell you about my experiences on gay vacation. 
During the past 25 years I have been in every gay vacation possible and imaginable in USA and Europe and they all have one common factor, an organization that put the group together for financial gain. There must be a registration book where your name and contact goes and your privacy invaded forever and forever solliciting to get you back. 
Now I want to propose a really fun cruise where normal everyday daddies and admires feels like at home.
No attitute, just a fun to be group that will remain friends for many years to come.
Want to have sex?
Of course, we all do. We will have a place where you can go to meet your fellow travelers and some out-of-group passangers that want to get away from their wives.
Example of Silver Daddies you may meet onboard
So far we have seen Nudist camps, international gathering someplace around the globe, big gay cruises with 3000 screaming queens, small groups putted together by a travel agent interested only in making a buck and many other God-Know-What.
Being there done this!!!!
Why not going on a normal vacation where you just heard some other guys are going? Social Media is great for this. We spread the voice that I will go to a certain place at a certain date and if you feel like it will go too.
No Travel agent, no group leader, no signup book, just make your own arrangments to get there
I will present you some places to go to meet Silver Daddies and Admires and you decide where to go and when to go!
There is no doubt that cruise is the cheapest vacation yet, therefore I will suggest to go to a 3 days cruise just to see if this works.
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