how much should a housewife get paid
how much should a housewife get paid
how much should a housewife get paid
 how much should a housewife get paid
south florida based group specializing in cruises, welcoming all silver daddies, and their admirers, of all ages shapes and sizes.
we aim to offer the opportunity to meet an on a personal basis, in a relaxed, travel environment. what better way to meet that special guy!  offers an exceptional opportunity for a great vacation, at substantial savings.
we are not  a travel agency, but we have associated ourselves with a professional travel agent who will handle paperwork, reservations and will be on hand for any questions and/or requests.
how much should a housewife get paid
bringing together daddies and admirers
although not associated with, this website service was inspired by's members, who we respect and admire.
silverdaddies-cruise is intended to work with travelers and party goers of the large community of silver daddies and their admirers who likes to gather in groups.
together in group, rather than one-on-one contact, our goal is to offer opportunities to enjoy a beautiful vacation, providing new friendships, and build new memories.
we welcome all!
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